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About Alex Nicolson PGA

Alex Nicolson is Director of Coaching and Fitting.  Firstly as a member, and then as professional, he has been attached to Worplesdon Golf Club in Surrey for nearly thirty years. 

Since qualifying as a coach in 1997, Alex has helped golfers of all ages and abilities, from beginner to European Tour player and is passionate about maximising golfers' enjoyment of the game.


Coaching style

"I can offer essentially two styles of coaching. Firstly a simple consultation where I can highlight the problem and recommend a simple tip or route to explore to improve. Sometimes it's nice to get a second pair of eyes or a fresh perspective on an issue detracting from your game.


"The second kind is for golfers looking for a more meaningful, longer term improvement.  This means learning how to self coach effectively."  

Learning how to self-coach

Getting to a place where practice is definitely making you a more skilful player, can seem elusive - even to low handicap players. Why? Because, unguided, it is hard to answer the following three questions that are essential to sustainable improvement for all golfers:


What is the cause of the problem?

What solutions are relevant to me?

How do I make them habit?


"It's a bit of a cliche, but improvement is a journey, and quick fixes rarely have long term value.  In order to provide a more structured and focused approach I developed a monthly programme called "Sustainable Skill".

With the help of a unique blend of resources (including a dedicated web portal for your golf, access to a Trackman enabled studio for practice) I can help you go the whole journey.  From truly understanding the bad stuff, figuring out what the recipe for good is, and seeing this weave its way into your game.  If you would like to have a chat about it just drop me a line, I'd love to help. (Click here for more information).

Alex Nicolson PGA


Director of Coaching

PGA Advanced Professional

Coach, Fitter

Master Instinctive Golf practitioner

Trackman I&II qualified

SAM Putt lab  I&II certified

Boditrak certified

Golf Lab certified fitter

Golf Lab certified engineer

Worked with Surrey Girls, Surrey Boys, Royal Navy Mens team

Performance coach to European Tour player

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SAM certified 2

Alex Nicolson PGA
Worplesdon Golf Club
Heath House Road
GU22 0RA

Mob: 07767 708322


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